A Whole New World

With Family, Friends and Love with me now,

Anyway, many things happened these days,
things that its suffering but memorable.
God give me my family,
Fate give me my friends,
and Santa give me Love! (I never imagine that...)
Happily ever after...

3 Weeks to final exam.
1 month to flight.
Fully charged, bring it on!
I really changed a lot in Aus,
not only physically, (fat=.=)
but also mentally.
Its hard to say anything of it,
you guys have to observe yourself when I come back XDDD
Oh gosh, dear, I really wish to be with you when you have your birthday...
Oh my god...

What am I saying, I have no idea XDDD
just type out everything in my head,
which filled with my family, final, dandelion and her^^
Busy, but filling.
I'll see you guys in Msia!!!
Everything in Aus, wait for me to come back!!!

1 Response to "A Whole New World"

星影 Says :
September 23, 2009 at 9:16 PM

no matter what's difference on physical or mental,
you're still my dearest brother!
No problem!
Wait for you to come visit me in Bukit Jalil ^^v

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